Assignment 5: Meeting the assessment criteria

Here are my thoughts about how I have met the assessment criteria with regards to assignment five.

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Assignment 5: Self-directed project

EVN_LDS A5_Ramifications_02_Chemilumen_600px

The brief for this assignment was to “produce a body of work that explores a particular place, type of space or theme relating to landscape practice”.  The themes that I chose to explore – and indeed have been exploring throughout this course – were nature and slow violence.  Specifically, I wanted to produce a photographic series that would address the consequences of human impact on the ‘natural’ environment.

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Ephemeral prints and digital copies

Scanned solargraph_02_600px

At the moment, I’m feeling really enthusiastic about the idea of submitting ephemeral (unfixed) prints for assignment five.  Each chemilumen print that I make is unique and they all have a fascinating tactile quality that just makes me want to hold and examine them.  The problem with this though, is that exposing them to light will cause them to change over time.  And consequently, I’m starting to get a little anxious about relying on these prints for the assessment event.

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Testing output designs for assignment five


After getting some feedback on assignment five from my tutor, I realised that I needed to test some output designs for my project.  I had two main ideas, both of which were inspired by Ulrich Beck’s concept of a “shadow kingdom”.

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