Imre Potyó (Wings of winter)

I finally made it to the Wildlife Photographer of the Year (WPOTY) 2017 exhibition during its last few days of showing at my local museum.  I go to see the this exhibition every year, and to be honest, it’s all starting to feel a bit ‘samey’ to me.  Occasionally though, an image will jump out at me.  This year, it was Imre Potyó’s Wings of winter (a finalist in the Behaviour: invertebrates category).

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In-camera multiple exposures

Multiple exposure_02_600px

I was recently inspired to experiment with the multiple exposure mode on my camera.  It was one of the features that I was really excited about when I first bought the camera but somehow, as time went by, I forgot all about it.

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Exercise 4.3: A subjective voice

This exercise is designed to highlight the fact that any photographer will inevitably have a “subjective attitude towards the subjects you’re researching and photographing”.  At the moment, I am working on this Landscape course, so it is important to consider what circumstances/experiences may have influenced my own views of the landscape.

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Exercise 3.5: Local history

Troopers Hill_600px

This exercise is all about developing your research skills by conducting “a short investigation into a historical aspect of the area in which you live or are currently based”.  The area that I selected for this exercise is a place called Troopers Hill in Bristol.  I came across this site recently, when I was looking for places to put my solargraphy canisters (for assignment six, transitions).

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